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No longer do you need to rely on dominant energy companies and their ever-increasing prices to power your home. Putting you firmly in control, we empower you to generate, store and sell your own renewable electricity.

Combining market-leading products with the latest technology, our innovative approach to the energy conundrum helps you generate green electricity and save on bills – while achieving the best possible return on your investment and adding value to your property.

Trailblazing software delivers accurate forecasting

Confused by the myriad of renewable options? Not sure whether to opt for roof or ground-mounted solar panels? Considering wind turbines? Want to store the energy you generate it for when you need it?

Leveraging the most advanced software in the industry, our detailed, personalised quotes show you exactly how your renewable installation will look and how much energy each option will generate – along with the amount you’ll save on your bills and how quickly you’ll make a return on your investment.

Taking every possible variable into consideration, we give you all the information you need to choose a renewable system that meets your requirements – all with no obligations at all.

Tax incentives and loans
There are numerous government tax incentives and low rate loans available to encourage you to shift to solar power. Our experts will explain all your options, including how much you’ll pay per month on loan repayments.


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Using the latest technology and 3d modelling, we’ll show you exactly how your installation will look and how much you’ll save

3D Modelling

Using satellite imagery, we’ll create a 3D model of your home – including slope of your roof top and shape of your trees


Accurate forecasting on the percentage of energy your system will generate – and the percentage you’ll save on energy bills

The Big Picture

Compare your monthly utility bills over 25 years – with and without a green energy system in your home

Getting Personal

Work from home? Need to heat your pool? Our software will take your exact circumstances into account
Have a question about renewable energy? Want to know more about how installing a system at your home or business could cut your costs, reduce your environmental impact and put you in control of your energy future? Our team of renewable energy experts would love to help.

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