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Why EnergieX
We empower you to control your energy future – reducing your costs and impact on the planet.

No longer do you need to worry about paying rising energy bills while powering your home or business with climate-harming fossil fuels.


We’ve partnered with leading global developers of renewable energy products to bring you the best systems at preferential prices – and invested in game-changing software to optimise every stage of your switch to green energy.


Some renewable energy specialists offer a comparison service. Others install products they’ve manufactured. We take a different approach. We’ve researched all the options and negotiated incredible rates with organisations who specialise in everything from solar panels to wind turbines, energy storage and EV chargers. As a result, we’re able to bring you the most efficient and effective systems at prices up to 30% cheaper.


And that’s not all. Leveraging the most advanced software in the industry, we deliver accurate forecasts on what to expect from your renewable energy products, including when you’ll start making a return on your investment. We give you an overview of the bigger picture – including precisely how much you’ll save over a 25-year period – as well as a month-on-month cost comparison of your bills with and without renewable energy.


The climate crisis is engulfing our planet. The time for change is now. By moving to renewable energy, you’ll transform the way you power your home or business – reducing your carbon footprint and future proofing the planet for generations to come.


No longer do you need to rely on dominant energy companies and their ever-increasing prices to power your home or business. Putting you firmly in control, we empower you to generate, store and sell renewable electricity.


Combining market-leading products with the latest technology, our innovative approach to the energy conundrum helps you generate green electricity and save on bills – while achieving the best possible return on your investment and adding value to your property.


With EnergieX, there are no hidden costs, delays to installations or equipment that doesn’t perform as expected. We take pride in delivering exactly what we say we will, on time and to budget, educating you on how to ensure your system delivers optimal results.
Have a question about renewable energy? Want to know more about how installing a system at your home or business could cut your costs, reduce your environmental impact and put you in control of your energy future? Our team of renewable energy experts would love to help.