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Are you thinking about going solar? Perhaps you’re looking for ways to optimize return on your solar panels? Maybe you’re fed up of spending a fortune on heating your pool, and you’re searching for a cost-effective alternative that’s not harmful to the planet?

Whatever stage you’re at on your renewable journey, our hot water solutions are finetuned to help you optimize solar energy production.

Heat your water using solar power

Copper Industries are the UK and Ireland’s largest independent suppliers and manufacturers of hot water cylinders, calorifiers and buffer tanks. As with all our renewable energy partners, we’ve chosen them for their commitment to quality.

The SolarPod cylinder performs perfectly with solar energy to heat water in your home, while the Hot Water Generator is customised to heat your pool. We’ll recommend other Copper Industries’ products on a case-by-case basis.


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Using the latest technology and 3d modelling, we’ll show you exactly how your installation will look and how much you’ll save


30% of the payback from a solar panel system comes directly from your hot water cylinder


Made with either double or triple coils, the SolarPod aligns with your hot water system


We’ll build you a fast, effective and safe heating solution tailored to your home or pool


Manufactured out of grade 2 copper, the products have between 10 and 25-year warranty
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